Training and Supervision

Security Consulting for Honolulu Businesses

Our team of security professionals is top-rated because of the attention we give when it comes to hand selection of our candidates, and the training they subsequently receive. This extra emphasis on quality gives us a team that is significantly better-equipped than your average firm to handle adverse situations we may encounter while out on a security detail. Careful selection, professional training, and proper supervision - this is the foundational triad of what makes A P I Security a cut above the rest.

Carefully Selected

Careful selection of candidates for professional security training is no easy matter. While a proper physical disposition is necessary when it comes to having the power and force to exert authority in a confrontational situation, the mental component to being a security professional is equally, if not more, important. In order to have quality security professionals you have to start with individuals with the physical and mental predisposition necessary.
Security guards with uniform in duty

Extensively Trained

Once a candidate has been selected for training, we then engage in our rigorous training process which doesn't end until we are satisfied that the candidate will maintain our firm's standards in the field now and in the future. Ongoing training for our security officers ensure they stay up-to-date in the goings on in the security industry, technological advances, and other practices they need to do their jobs, and do them well.

Well Supervised

Once we have selected and trained an exceptional candidate, we continue to provide support in the field for top quality service at all times. Supervision is the third and most important step to the difference you will see in our security services. Our security professionals are not only smart, fit, and well-trained, they are well-directed, making them a potent force in the asset protection business. 
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